[最美的风景在路上] 顽强的红树林 Life’s Hard

Last March, I went to Shenzhen for a business trip. In one Sunday afternoon, I saw this in a park besides the sea.  The tree is called Mangrove, it’s a kind of tree grows in the sea near the land.  But because of human activities, the amount of this tree is getting smaller these years. It seems the tree is lonely near the sunset.


[HappyNewYear]新年快乐 – May the happiness be with you the whole 2019

2019 is just around the corner, and this will be the 1st New  Year of this website.

I will try my best to keep updating this website. I will share photos I shoot or  places I visit. Also my article will be written in both English and Chinese.

May the happiness be with you the whole 2019.






[最美的风景在路上]海天之间 Between the Sea and the Sky

This is a photo shot years ago, when I was still using a Fujifilm Digital camera.

The white dots on the left are sail boats. This is  the place where the 2008 Olympic sailing games held. After the Olympic games, this place became a park, Lots of people walking or jogging  through this seawall.



[最美的风景在路上]乌镇西栅 West Area of Wuzhen

Wuzhen, one of the most famous historic town in Southen China, has two main area: East Area (Dong zha)and West Area(Xi zha).

In contrast to the development commercial  East Area, the West Area is more like original . There is less hotels and less stores. Most of the scenery stay the same as how they were. People can get on a wooden boat in West Area and see the view from a unique position.






[最美的风景在路上]Squirrel in the forest 小松鼠

In the forest of Mount. Changbai, there are squirrels everywhere. They have black round eyes and long tail that even longer than their body. They look cute and active. Most of the time, the squirrels just wonder around seek for food. If they find something to eat near a man, they will just pick it up and run away quickly.



[最美的风景在路上]石老人日出 Before Beach Sunrise

This was shot just seconds before the sun rise in the winter. Every winter, seagulls came from Siberia to avoid the chilling winter. So it makes the picture nice when the seagulls was flying around in front the beautiful sun rise scene,while especially there is also a fishing boating floating nearby.


[最美的风景在路上]深秋-Forest in Late Autumn

As the weather getting colder, tree leaves are becoming yellow and red, with some of them still keep green. This mixture of colorful leave shows the most beautiful season in the forest. I took this photo using Iphone’s HDR mode, then tuned the color using Snapseed.

This forest belongs to Mount. Laoshan, the only 5A scenic area in Qingdao, China.



[最美的风景在路上] 天池 – Heaven Lake

This is a lake on top of Mount. Changbai. The right side of the lake belongs to North Korea and left side belongs to China. It’s said that you can only see the lake about 100 days of the year because of the usual heavy fog on top of the mountain, and seeing the Heaven Lake means you have a good luck there.
The lake usually  freezes in October and unfreeze in June, so if you want to see the water, you should go there between June and October. Summer is a quite good season to visit because that’s when all kinds of flowers are in bloom. But if you go there in Winter, the heavy snow would also impress you a lot.
This photo was shot on September. The sky is clear and the grass is still green, the lake looks quite peaceful.





[最美的风景在路上] 清晨乌镇 Wuzhen in the Morning

Wuzhen is one of the most famous old villages in China. The rivers, the houses, the boats create a quiet, harmonious environment. It’s been great when staying there compare to living in a crowded city .
The photo was shot in a morning, that’s why no body ‘s in the photo.