[最美的风景]Yearly Routine: shooting seagulls

Okay, I’m not really shooting the seagulls, I’m taking photos. This is also the first time since I switched my DSLR(and all the lenses).
Every year, they come all the way from Siberia to avoid the freezing winter there, which attracts lots of citizens to watch. The Zhanqiao Peer is a very good place to watch. It is astonishing when seeing tens of thousands seagulls flying at the same time. You can feed the seagulls with bread or other Chinese traditional food.

[路上的风景]Red Falcon in the BlueSky

I went to the 13th AirShow China in Zhuhai days ago, and It has been 5 years since last time I went there.

The Show was supposed to be held last. But because of the COVID-19, it was delayed for almost one year.

The Red Falcon team is new to me since this is only their second appearance in AirShow China. The red fighter  reminds me of the Red Arrow 5 year ago. The performance  of the Red Falcon was quite excellent.The demonstration was unified but thrilling. Their uniform surprised all the audience in there.



[路上的风景] Yet Another Huawei-related post

These photo were taken years ago when I went to a business trip to the new Huawei R&D park. It locates near the beautiful Songshan Lake in Dongguan, which is not far from its headquater Shenzhen.

All the building are built based on European style and there are several sections in the park, each is named after a Eruopean city.

There are two railway lines running inside the park. And it looks very beautiful when the red train runs between green trees and beautiful buildings. The train is free and very convenient. Many of the works go to the dinning hall by taking the train. To me, it is a good sight-seeing train.

[路上的风景]Purple Sky in Huawei

The is one of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen !

The sky in this picture is purple beause the red glow and the blue sky is mixed quite good.

Not only the sky is beautiful, the buildings under the sky is also quite amazing. This is the European style buildings belong to the new R&D center in Dongguan, Guangdong. All the buildings have a prototype in Europe and every section of the Park has a conresponding romatic europe city name, such as Paris, Vienna,Bologna.



[路上的风景]Riverside of Huangpu River

It has been several years since last time I came here. It changed a lot. There is a light show every half an hour at night. The lights swings with music all across the Huangpu River, and both sides of the river are crowed with people. The interesting thing is, the old historic buildings in this side and young modern buildings on the other side seems combined at that moment.

[路上的风景]Scenery on the Road

The Covid pandemic has already changed our lives and the world. It keeps us from going out freely as before. And this might last for years.
So during these social-distancing days, I’d like to post some photos which were shot on the road when going out.


This was taken on the JiaozhouBay Bridge which connects Qingdao and Huangdao( and Hongdao now). Fun fact, the Qing, Huang, Hong in words Qingdao, Huangdao, Hongdao  are three colors means teal, yellow and red. And the “dao” in these words means island. Of couse these actually are peninsulas.Road1

The following two were shot on the plane when the sun was just about to dive. The sky was still blue and the earth was getting dark but the glowing in between is so beautiful. I always choose the seat near the window so that I can not miss something like this.

[How are you]你好吗?

Hi there, it’s been a whole year since last update.
How are you? Tons of things happend during these days, and the world is still in a mass caused by the coronavirus. Keep safe.
I stopped updating since this time last year, because of something. And this year, the whole world seems shutting down and I haven’t got some good photos.
I’ll try to update this once a month, just like before. May our lives be just like before too.

[最美的风景在路上]Cherry Blossom 樱花盛开

Every April, tens of thousands of cherry blossom in the Zhongshan Park, Qingdao.The trees were originally planted by the Japanese when Japan occupied Qingdao during the World War I . There is a cherry avenue in the park that lasts for about one kilometer, besides which are all the cherry trees. It’s a famous place that you can  enjoy the cherry blossom in China.

During blossom season, people are everywhere. It’s hard to find a position shoot a nice photo.




[最美的风景在路上]西安城门 Outside the City Wall

Day’s ago, I went to Xi’an for a business trip. On that Sunday night, I went to the ancient city wall and there was a rehearsal  inside the southern gate of the ancient  city wall, together with the light show. When all the actors went in, I took this photo outside the gate. The background looks amazing with the light glowing.


[最美的风景在路上] 开往春天的列车 Train to Spring

It is  blossom season for many of the flowers, which makes the prefect time going out and seeing the beautiful views.

The following photos are shot today at  Qingdao suburb, where the metro line No. 11 passing through. The train runs near the mountains, with cheery trees besides it blooming. This kind of view only exists a few days cause the flowers will only last several days.